Sunday, September 20, 2015

Baker Street

Before I read a synopsis or started listening to the musical Baker Street, the first thought that I had was, "I hope this is the same Baker Street as in the song 'Baker Street' by Gerry Rafferty." Sadly, it's not. But, that song is great and you should listen to it.

My second thought, after I read the synopsis and started listening to it was, "DUH. Of course. Sherlock Holmes."

My third thought was, "Damnit," because... well.. I have no interest in anything regarding Sherlock Holmes... except the television show SHERLOCK, which is basically perfect and one of the best shows, ever.

So, it's not Baker Street' s fault that I can't think of anyone as Sherlock Holmes other than Benedict Cumberbatch. It's not the musical's fault that the TV show, that was created 50 years later, is so good that it made me interested in a story I never cared about before. It's not Baker Street's fault that Martin Freeman is so good as Watson and Andrew Scott is so good as Moriarty that anyone else playing the roles seems pointless.

But, here are some things that ARE Baker Street's fault:
1. The uninteresting music
2. The fact that it feels like a poor man's My Fair Lady (without an Eliza)
3. The fact that it's not Sherlock Holmes if he can form an actual romantic relationship with Irene Adler. Don't push that on us. There CAN be a young woman in a play/television show/movie who doesn't have to fall in love. Women, especially women like Irene Adler, can do many other things and have platonic relationships, too!

But, it was the early 1960s, so I am really asking too much with my last point.

Baker Street
Music and Lyrics by Marian Grudeff, Raymond Jessel (additional, uncredited songs by Bock and Harnick)
Book by Jerome Coppersmith

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