Sunday, September 20, 2015


BAJOUR was hard to find. It wasn't on Apple Music (even though it's on iTunes for purchase), but something told me that I wanted to hear it (even though I knew nothing about it, and it's not critically acclaimed or anything), so I found it on Spotify. I'm really happy that I did. I am sure I never would have listened to this musical had I not been doing this project, and I really liked it. It is such a WEIRD idea and subject matter, but I enjoyed all the music and I feel like I could play Emily. BAJOUR also introduced me to the actress Nancy Dussault (who played Emily), who has the career I want. She wasn't famous, she just seems to have made a living and did the occasional original role, which earned her nominations. She was also GREAT.

This musical also starred Chita Rivera, who is always great. It's about gypsies and a girl who is studying them/obsessed with them. See? Weird. But come on, I love weird and always have.

Music and lyrics by Walter Marks
Book by Earnest Kinoy

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