Thursday, September 3, 2015

American Idiot

So, I was looking forward to American Idiot, although I am not sure why. I'm not a huge Green Day fan. IN FACT, I am not a Green Day fan at all. I had a conversation with Chris a few weeks ago (it was mainly just me ranting, he said very little) about how Green Day embraced punk SO MUCH but they're not REAL punk. They're like Midwestern punk. Like a bunch of business guys with a lot of nostalgia in their hearts were like, "We're a punk band, now." It's too clean, too polished. If you're gonna be fucking PUNK, you're not going to want to be popular, you're also gonna be harder for me personally to listen to.*

And you're definitely not going to turn your songs into a musical.

I know American Idiot is popular and in all honesty it's not too bad. The cast is awesome. They sound REALLY GOOD, and not like "broadway voice" really good, but they'd sound good in legit rock and roll. I was really impressed with the singing.... and that's about it. The story is LAME. We've all seen that story before... in basically every Gen Xer piece of media that was created (come ON, Gen Xers! Get another ideaaaaaa). I was not surprised about the "twist" (it seemed so obvious). To me, American Idiot is FINE, but we didn't need this. It didn't break ground and it didn't change anything...

Perhaps if they were REAL punk it would have.

American Idiot
Music by Green Day
Lyrics by Billie Joe Armstrong
Book by Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Mayer

*I don't like punk music at all, but I really respect it

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