Friday, August 28, 2015

The Addams Family

You may remember that my birthday is on Halloween, therefore I love anything spooky. As the first description of the Addams family in the theme song is that they're "creepy", I have always had an affinity for them. Remember the Addams Family movie? It was SO GOOD.

I wish so much that they would have just taken the plot to the movie and used it as the story for this musical, because if there is one thing we all know for certain, it's that OF ALL THE CHARACTERS, WEDNESDAY ADDAMS IS THE LEAST LIKELY TO WANT TO BE NORMAL. EVER. END OF STORY.

Wednesday is quintessential "weird" and it's awesome. Remember how Christina Ricci only played weird, dark characters for a long time after that movie? That's because she WAS Wednesday and when you ARE Wednesday, no one can see you as anything else. That's how strong that character is. She fucking MURDERS people. She's not going to try to convince her family to be normal. That just isn't her. It's just not. It's NOT. IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

The cast was all-stars and they all sound good singing songs that were neither wanted nor needed. Bebe Neuwirth is, of course, perfect for that role. I'm sure it looked amazing and that the production values were as high as the kicks in the huge dance numbers I am assuming took place. But, God. It's bad. I listened to this at the gym one night and I was so sad when the next song would start and that it wasn't over instead.

The Addams Family
Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
wikipedia article

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