Friday, August 28, 2015

A Christmas Story: the musical

Do you like the movie A Christmas Story? Do you LOVE it? Do you watch it all day on Christmas Day? Is it not only a part of your childhood but also a part of AMERICA to you? Could you literally watch it the entire day but your husband says, "Please. Let's watch something else just for a few hours?"

Do you think the Father is one of the best characters ever written?

Then please don't listen to the musical A Christmas Story.

I remember thinking that the production number on the Tony Awards was amazing (and that kid who plays Ralphie is fantastic), but this musical should only be considered an extremely loose interpretation of this movie. If the movie of A Christmas Story was an a boat, it would be a quirky, weird boat that that floating in a cute lake that you built yourself and loved. The musical would be a cruise ship that rolled into the Hudson without a place to dock. No one invited it there but it's coming to town anyway.

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