Thursday, August 27, 2015

35MM: A Musical Exhibition

I had never heard of this show and I was really scared going in to it. I didn't read any background before listening to it and I was so confused for so long. Although, looking back, if I would have been paying more attention during the opening song Stop Time, maybe I wouldn't have been confused.

This music (it's hard to say "show" since there isn't a book: it's songs based on a series of photographs) is great across the board. It is sometimes laugh out loud hilarious (during Caralee, for example) and sometimes sweet and complex. I loved it.

At this point in my listening I thought to myself, "Well, God, it looks like all musicals ever made will be awesome."

That thought did not hold up.

35MM: A Musical Exhibition
Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Based on photographs of Matthew Murphy

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