Thursday, August 27, 2015

42nd Street

I wasn't originally going to listen to this at all because

A. I've seen it and
B. I originally didn't want to waste my time on a musical that I knew I can NEVER be in

I just have no interest in 42nd Street. I mean, it's kind of gross and weird. What is this relationship between Julian and Peggy? Is he just a serious creeper or what? And Peggy has "had enough of show business" but she didn't even DO anything. I mean, she didn't REALLY even audition for the play. All she did was bump into people and tap a little. Grow up, Peggy. Stop being so dramatic.

42nd Street
Music by Harry Warren
Lyrics by Al Dubin
Book by Michael Stewart, Mark Bramble
Based on the novel by Bradford Ropes

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