Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blood Brothers

I can't understand why Blood Brothers has been as successful as its been. Granted, it's hard to tell when the cast recording is so over-produced with such stupid, unnecessary sound effects on the vocals (this is a fucking cast recording, why are you trying to make it sound like a pop album from the early 1980s??????) that it made me ANGRY while listening to it. However, from what I can gather, I hated everything.

The lyrics were predictable and I hated them. They were also slightly disturbing. There was nothing interesting going on musically and the STORY... oh, jesus. WHY. I don't feel for this woman. Just STOP having these children! Why did you need seven kids before your twins that you had to separate at birth because you could only afford ONE more??? HUH???? WTF. "Help. I have seven kids already and I'm pregnant with twins. I can afford only one more child." I just don't understand this. No one needs seven kids to begin with!

If I hear another singer with unnecessary echo on a UK cast recording, I'm going to lose my mind.

Blood Brothers
Music, Lyrics, Book by Willy Russell

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