Thursday, October 22, 2015

Billy Elliot

OMG, I LOVED Billy Elliot! THIS is what I wish Aida would have sounded like. It is so much more TRUE Elton John -- the music that made him famous -- not some sterilized bullshit.

I watched a bootleg of BE online because I was working on the Dead Mum role for a class I was taking. I had always ruled this musical out as far as shows that I can be in, because I assumed everyone danced as much as the children. Luckily, most of the adults don't. This is also one of the few musicals that came out of the UK that isn't a complete DISASTER. England gave us so many wonderful, incredible things... but like 70% of their musicals are horrific.

I loved everything about Billy Elliot, although I obviously have a soft spot now for the song "The Letter" because it's so heartbreaking I cried on the subway platform the first time I listened to it. Those boys who played Billy deserved their Tony Award and this show deserves every award it won.

Billy Elliot is funny and smart and sad and amazing. Do yourself the favour (ooooh -- British spelling!!!) and find out why.

Billy Elliot
Music by Elton John
Book and Lyrics by Lee Hal

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