Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bullets Over Broadway

The Christmas season is a hard time to be listening to musical theatre. I WANT to listen to Christmas music, plus, I'm still not over Bridges, so I wanted to listen to that, too. Unfortunately, I had to listen to Bullets Over Broadway, which is maybe better than it seems. It SEEMS like a cop-out. If you're Woody Allen, and you don't want to have your movie be made into a musical, then just DON'T let it happen. But, if you finally decide to let it happen, why on earth would you choose existing songs from the period with new lyrics? WHY?

I'm no fan of Woody Allen, but I feel like he could do better than that decision.

So, there was nothing interesting in the music to this show, except for some good performances (especially Betsy Wolfe). Also, as my BFF from college would say, "there are many plots." SO much is going on. 

My friend Sheffield said the show was a lot of fun. It might be if you're actually watching it. Maybe. It's not fun taken out of context, though.

Bullets Over Broadway
Music and Lyrics by VARIOUS
Book by Woody Allen

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