Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Boy from Oz

I surprisingly didn't know this was a jukebox musical until about halfway through, when I actually looked at the track listing and saw "Don't Cry Out Loud" listed as a song. I really enjoyed the music, though, so at least there was that. I guess if you're not as well known to your audience (being me), and your book is strong enough, your jukebox musical might be ok. MIGHT.

The Boy from Oz seemed to only be running because of Hugh Jackman (as soon as his contract ended, the show closed), so it's really hard to say if this was good, if Hugh was good, or if the songs themselves were just good... but I'm guessing it was Hugh. Anyway, I never had any interest in listening to this, or learning about it before, but I am glad I have listened to it, now. Plus, anything with even the character of Liza in it is bound to be entertaining.

The Boy from Oz
Music and Lyrics by Peter Allen
Book by Nick Enright and Martin Sherman

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