Thursday, September 17, 2015

Baby it's You!

I wanted to skip musical this so badly. I was hoping it wouldn't have a cast recording, and when it did, I sadly decided not to skip it. The cast does a wonderful job singing these songs.

I will same the same thing about this that I did All Shook Up: if I want to hear the songs from a jukebox musical, I will listen to the ORIGINAL songs. I don't need established pop songs to be crammed together, out of context, into ANYTHING. (I especially don't need to hear some *say* the following: "(Sighs) Mama said there'd be days like this. 'There'd be days like this,' Mama said" before singing "Mama Said." Do you need to make it that obvious?

I'm insulted by this musical. I know I am not the target audience... BUT WHO IS??? The people who grew up with this music and go to the theatre don't want to see it because they know it's terrible. If they are trying to appeal to people who grew up with this music but DON'T go to the theatre, you have a few options:
1. Make a better jukebox musical (see: Beautiful)
2. Use original songs in the same vein as the Shirelles with a great book (see: Dreamgirls)
3. Ask the Shirelles/other pop groups to write music for a musical with an original book

But, please, don't treat the people who don't go to the theatre like they're morons. Make a better product that gets them excited to go to the theatre. And when you have them there, use the book to say something. We can do this. It's possible. Look at Shakespeare!

Also, the producers of Baby It's You! got sued by the Shirelles because they didn't ask for permission to use their likenesses or stories. It ran for 148 performances.

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